Promoting Your Drupal Powered Website

One of the biggest difficulties that arise in owning a website, regardless of it’s niche or purpose, is the generation of traffic, leads and interest. This comes due to multiple reasons such as inexperience in operating a website or online asset, lack of funds for paid promotion or just simply a low demand industry or niche. Fortunately, promoting a website, …Read More

Drupal Access Rules

For more specific permissions for a Drupal site, an administrator can set up some access rules. This section can be accessed by navigating to Administer > Access Rules. Access rules go beyond normal permissions levels to single out people, groups, spammers, etc. As an important note, any access rule to Allow will override any Deny. For starters, access rules are great for denying certain …Read More

Drupal Maintenance Mode

The site maintenance section allows a user to control whether the information for the website should be currently on or off-line. Reasons for making a website offline would be normal maintenance purposes, or even the initial building phase. This section also allows the Drupal users to choose a message for their visitors to read upon arrival when the site is off-line. Updating …Read More

Drupal Search Engine Friendly URLS

When Drupal is first unpacked and installed, the URLs the software creates for your site contain a question mark with some other numbers and characters. Not only does this method make the page contents hard to identify to web visitors, but it also makes it difficult for the search engines to crawl and index. Perhaps you have not thought that …Read More

Drupal Custom Reports

The Reports section of your Administer panel allows the admin to run reports on various aspects of the Drupal website.   Recent log entries The Recent log entries section displays a list of all activities for the Drupal website, including the date the task was performed and the user who performed it. This can help to keep track of what is happening …Read More