Drupal Access Rules

For more specific permissions for a Drupal site, an administrator can set up some access rules. This section can be accessed by navigating to Administer > Access Rules. Access rules go beyond normal permissions levels to single out people, groups, spammers, etc. As an important note, any access rule to Allow will override any Deny.

For starters, access rules are great for denying certain users if necessary – perhaps ones that have left rude or spam-like comments. To deny this user access to registration in the future, select the following choices:

In the same manner, you can block or allow many user emails that come from one domain name. For example, if you know you want all people from Company A to have access to your site, then you can allow using some wild cards.

Placing %@companya.com in the Mask box will allow any email address that is @companya.com access.

The email option will deny users from registration, while the host option will deny users from all pages.

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