Drupal Modules

After installing your Drupal theme of choice, the time has come to make the outfit complete with a few good modules. Modules are added features that are installed and take the normal functionality of Drupal to the next level. That’s right, modules are the accessories to the clothing you picked out in the step before.

With every Drupal install package comes a list of the core Drupal modules. These modules create the functionality you see after first installing the product. However, an entire world of additional modules exist beyond these basic ones, all of which have been created and put into use by the many volunteers constantly helping to improve the Drupal software.

Modules can be used to complete just about any task all the way from creating photo galleries to adding footnotes to an article. Chances are that if you want to make something happen with your Drupal website, someone else has also wanted the same thing, therefore causing a module to now exist. The benefits to using open source software is two-fold because it is not only free, but it changes in response to customer need.

To find a module for a specific task, you can easily do a search on the web. Or, you can take advantage of the following great websites that have a huge list of modules for your choosing:

After the modules are integrated to your website, it is officially time to insert your content.